Raising awareness of the fashion industry at Re-Barcelona

29 September, 2019

On Friday, 29, and Saturday, 30 November 2019, RE-BARCELONA will have a space open to the general public with the title “Conscious Space Beyond”.

The Open Space will be held at the main area of the Disseny Hub, which will be dedicated to encourage critical reflection and awareness in a society that increasingly seeks more sustainable and ethical alternatives in the field of fashion.

Through informative corners, workshops and specialist film screenings, this space will aim to increase awareness in society about the textile industry problems and to feel the need for a more responsible consumption.

RE-BARCELONA aims to make a positive impact not only on the textile industry, but also on society as a whole through the consumption of fashion.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the need to change their production and consumption habits. For this reason, RE-BARCELONA will have a space open to all during the two days of the event.

Stay tuned to view the agenda and speakers for the first edition of Re-Barcelona.

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