RE-BARCELONA is an event organised by the Moda Sostenible Barcelona association, and that counts with the support of Barcelona City Council and Disseny Hub.



Moda Sostenible Barcelona is the world’s first sustainable fashion association. Founded in 2013, MSBCN is a non-profit organisation with partners in Europe, the United States, Latin America and Asia, whose aim is to raise awareness among society about the advantages of sustainable fashion, as well as to promote and stimulate its creation, production, sale and use by means of events such as Barcelona Ethical Fashion Fest, which has held five editions.

MSBCN expects to prove that the fashion industry does not have to be in conflict with human rights and the environment. It is formed by a group of fashion designers, raw materials suppliers, stockists, boutiques, journalists and citizens that have joined forces.

RE-BARCELONA has obtained expert advice from fashion industry professionals and has the support of institutions, such as the British Council, and the French and Italian Consulates.

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