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On Friday, 29, and Saturday, 30 November 2019, RE-BARCELONA will have a space open to the general public with the title “Conscious Space Beyond”.

The Open Space will be held at the main area of the Disseny Hub, which will be dedicated to encourage critical reflection and awareness in a society that increasingly seeks more sustainable and ethical alternatives in the field of fashion.

Through exhibitions of photography, textiles and materials, specialist film screenings and the conceptualisation of the eco-efficient store of the future, this space will aim to increase awareness in society about the textile industry problems and to feel the need for a more responsible consumption.

When? The Open Space will be open, without a ticket, during the whole two-day event, 29-30 November 2019, from 10 am to 8.30 pm.

Where? The main action will take place in the large open space of Room A, located on floor B, just below the level of Plaça de les Glòries. There will also be activities in Room B and Room C, located above Room A.

Stands & Corners

The sustainable brands of Moda Sostenible Barcelona association that will participate in the event are: Monica Noguero, Alma Green Design, Organic Cotton Colours, Magalilagam, L'Autre Sac, The Goood Shop, Mimookids y Le noeud-noeud Rouge.

The entrepreneurs from Reimagine Textile of TecnoCampus will exhibit their sustainable products and they will also present their innovative projects. The following start-ups will participate in the event: The Running Republic, Zer Collection, Killing Weekend, Leser, Káhuarau, JGE Future Term and Hygge Bags.

BCD Barcelona Centre de Disseny will promote the HULA HOOP: the experience in circular design, a space where you can develop environmental awareness and increase knowledge regarding materials recycling strategies and regeneration of resources. The centre has prepared some workshops that will take place during the two days of the event.

MODA-FAD will celebrate an upcycling fashion marathon named "MODA-FAD Sustainable Challenge 2019, in which 30 students of different design disciplines will use their creativity to transform textile waste into new products.

The project Reshape will exhibit the winners of their annual competition about smart products and wearable tech thanks to the support of the General Consulate of Italy in Barcelona, which also sponsors the exhibition of the dresses awarded by Fondazione Mondo Digitale and AltaRoma: "Atypical" by Federica Cesino and Anna Coppola and "Hypernova" by Carmen Moffa.

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